Join Apus

Step 1: Clone the Starter Template

Run the following command in your terminal:

git clone -b apus-simple-taiko-node

This command clones the starter template to your local machine.

Step 2: Update the Configuration File

Navigate to the cloned directory

cd simple-taiko-node
vi .env

Update Environment Variables on demand. Usually, you don't need to update the following variables.

# Set the maximum number of tasks you can accept at the same time
# Set the maximum number of ZKEVM instances you can run at the same time

Save and exit the file.

Step 3: Run the Docker Container

Execute the following command to start the service:

docker compose up -d

This command will deploy the container in detached mode.

make sure your port 9000 is accessible

if your port 9000 is closed, you can update the port in docker-compose.yml


Step 4: Check Logs

To view the logs, use:

docker logs -f simple-taiko-node_zkevm_chain_prover_rpcd_1

When you see the following message, it means your node is ready to accept tasks:

[2023-12-01T03:35:03Z INFO  prover::server] Listening on

When you see the following message, it means your node is generating proof:


Your Client URL is if you update the port, you should use the port you set

Step 5: Join Market

To join the market, you need to register your node on the Apus Console.


  1. Client URL: Your Client URL is,see Step 4

  2. Min Fee: Minimal fee you can accept for a proof task in wei, proposer will not send task until the price is met

  3. Max Provers: The maximum number of provers you can run at the same time, require 8c32g for each prover.